TORRECID Group was established in 1963 in Alcora Spain. We are a globalized leading company manufacturing ceramic frits, glazes and stains, with fifty experience and reputation. As a notable leader, we provide our clients with not only top quality products but also various facilities. We are the most popular supplier in Spain and in other countries as well. We have steadily expanded around the world, such as setting up subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, China, etc. Our group’s mission is to achieve and consolidate a worldwide leadership in innovation of product, process and service, in order to provide our customers the best competitive advantages.

More than 55 years working experience, we are not only proud of our outstanding achievement and expanding, but also our Human Resource policy. It was a new way of selecting, training and promoting young people, without experience, but people who believe in the project and willing to fight for it.

We have stable and long term cooperating customers in Vietnam and we offer the permanent job opportunity.

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