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T.O.P Group
100 - 499 nhân viên

We are a Creative Solution Company, founded in 2013 and based in HCM city, Vietnam.

We provide creative & efficient solutions to every challenges, shift products to the next level and bring the unique experience to many award-winning projects for our beloved customers.

A wonderful journey of 9+ years in the business transform us as a group of passion people into the true experienced warriors.

We offer these following services:

  • Creative & Planning
  • Website, Mobile App & Games
  • Interactive (AR & VR)
  • Event & activation
  • Video & livestream service
  • Technical consultancy

Why You'll Love Working Here

  1. Professional, creative, young & active working environment.
  2. Bonus according to project, capacity & cycle of 2 times/year.
  3. The opportunity to participate in large-scale projects, gain experience and receive in-depth training.
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