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Sunrise Vina Co., Ltd
100 - 499 nhân viên

Sunrise Chemical Co., Ltd established in 2006 as exclusive agent for BASF acrylic emulsion business in Korea. In 2008, Sunrise set up one factory of UV ink and WB & UV varnish for packing and other industrial applications. In 2012, Sunrise Chemical Co., Ltd started to export finished Varnish Products to Vietnam and other countries.
Global customers are vendors of Samsung, Canon, Louis Vutton, Polo….
In Jan 2018, Sunrise opened one factory in My Phuoc 3 industrial zone, Binh Duong and the company name in Vietnam is Sunrise Vina Co., Ltd which will produce UV ink and UV & WB varnish to supply for Vietnam customers.
Sunrise Vina would like to receive applications for many positions.

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