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Speed company is a leading innovator in the development of world-class software for hospitality. We assist our customer delivering exceptional service and satisfaction. Canada Technology inside with point-of-sale systems in more than 50,000 restaurants and more than 110 countries, we is redefining the point of sale to bring technological innovation to all corners of the enterprise. Our software is complemented by reliable hardware and is backed by our international services infrastructure.

Speed combines its industry knowledge and expertise to provide solution for Restaurant, Hotel and Retail with our famous brandname: Speed POS, Speed PMS and Speed Retai that allow its clients to streamline operations and successfully engage their customers.

Speed applications include point of sale hospitality, retail, property management, central systems, business intelligence, distributed order management and inventory management. Our services include platform implementation and integration, strategic business consulting, interactive marketing, design services including creative and user experience, and managed services.

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