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Solid Interior ( CTY TNHH Nội Thất Bền Vững ) - Hồ Chí Minh

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Solid Interior ( CTY TNHH Nội Thất Bền Vững )

Solid Interior ( CTY TNHH Nội Thất Bền Vững )

Solid Interior deliver interior decoration and design, business sense, customer needs and reasonable budget into compelling experiences. We specialized in the field of Interior Design with the members approximately of 100. Our company was established in 2009 by the most experienced architectures and engineers in this field. Throughout operation timeline, our company’s culture has been formed rely on the customers’ need of products and service quality standards; simultaneously create the prestige and reputation in the design and construction of Interior. Simple and effectiveness are our applied philosophy. Our design‘s consultants are professional in create the space which is most relevant to the environment, situation as well as the demand or cost consideration of each customers. Regarding to the construction process, the quality control and project timeline are the most concerned issues by our Construction Manager. Meanwhile, aligning of the safety, environment and policies are mandatory regulated by laws and landlord.

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