RGF stands for RECRUIT GLOBAL FAMILY, a global brand of Japan's largest recruiting and information service company Recruit Co.Ltd.

We created this brand out of our commitment to take on a new challenge to leverage on Recruit Group's 51 years of industry experience and business network in Japan, to provide new opportunities to our clients across the region. RGF focuses on recruiting professionals across Banking and Finance, Trading and Manufacturing, IT, telecommunications and Service industry. We have offices in HK, Singapore, Vietnam, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing.

The Recruit Group is expanding globally, leveraging its experience in the Japanese market. Our goal is to work with regions to create new informational value.

We are continuing our quest to set roots in each new country we enter and serve as a bridge joining people to information and to other people. Starting in 2009, we are expanding outside of Japan under the corporate brand RGF (Recruit Global Family).

The design motif of the RGF logo is a bridge. Our logo is called "global bridge," and it represents our wish to become a presence that leads and connects people to new and unseen possibilities.

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