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Welcome to Pivotal Vietnam. Pivotal is one of Vietnam’s leading call center, direct mailing & database generation facilities, with the capability to support to companies across the Country. Established in August 2005, Pivotal has facilities in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, with plans to expand into other urban centers such in the future. Pivotal was established in response to increasing demand for a range of different telecommunication and mailing services. As a direct result of Vietnam’s increased economic and social development, consumers are becoming increasingly mature and confident in their purchasing power and decision making.

This in turn places more emphasis on companies operating here to maximise their sales opportunities, as well as allowing them to forge links with their consumer bases, (both current and potential), in ways that simply weren’t possible five or ten years ago.

Pivotal’s capabilities can be employed by companies from all parts of the spectrum of industry. Initially established to focus on supporting the marketing strategies of some of the biggest companies in the Region, a diversified portfolio of services now allows for a much greater variety of partnership possibilities, the full extent of which is detailed across this site.

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