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100 - 499 nhân viên

To create worldwide service from Vietnam
Our Mission:
Create a new platform for diversity

One’s life can be completely different based on the location and environment in which you are born.Some people are born into developed countries, while others are born into developing countries. You cannot choose your own country or gender.We can say that the world seen from another perspective is overflowing with diversity.Our mission, at LASTMILE Works, is to create a richer society, through the creation of a new framework in which people respect each other, collaborate to create new value, and utilize diverse worlds.

Connect the world with spatial computing

Move your business forward faster like never before with our technology to bridge the gab between Real World and Digital World.At LASTMILE WORKS, by merging the physical and digital worlds, our vision is to visualize information on people, things, and space, and create a new economic zone.

Ethical Technology

In capitalist societies, we believe that the labor-intensive model, which tends to be prevalent in developing countries, is insufficient to promote sustainable development where people in developing countries are not exploited.By providing a hybrid model, which combines the labor-intensive model of developing countries and capital-intensive model of developed countries, to developed countries that have a large number of business issues, we believe that we can change the world from the last mile.
By focusing on employment and empowerment, and utilizing leading technology, in developing countries (last mile), this is a win-win model that also contributes to the resolution of issues in developed countries.This is ethical technology.

Our service:
By merging the real and virtual worlds, you can provide new solutions not seen until now.

By using CG and xR technology, which makes invisible things visible, we can provide corporate DX support and promote digital twinning.By mainly hiring and nurturing Web engineers, 3DCG artists, and gaming engine-related engineers from a rich pool of resources in South-East Asia.

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