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Javra Software B.V
100 - 499 nhân viên

Javra Software B.V is a Dutch company founded in 1999 in The Netherlands. We develop, modernize, maintain and provide various technologies platform based support and services to our clients accross the globle with the aim to offer our clients of future proof custom business applications at competitive price. As an Innovative organization Javra Software B.V established its outsourcing company in Nepal in 2006 to provide clients cutting-edge innovative technical solutions.
Our expertise includes:
Custom Based Application Development in various technlogies platforms:
Custom development : .NET, Java, C#, Azure DevOps
Mobile development : Xamarin, native
Web development : Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS
Web content management : WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal
Low code : Sales force, Microsoft Power Apps
Cloud : Azure, AWS,
Progress and OpenEdge platform based Software Development and Services:
Applications development and support services
Software Modernization and Maintenance
Webservices and Migration
Corticon/Kendo UI/BPM
Onshore and Offshore Software Development and Support Services
Offshore services from Nepal support services 24*7*365
Onshore and onsite services from Netherlands
eCommerce Platform services for B2B
Magento and Pimcore platform software design, development, installation or migration services.
Monitoring, maintenance and security managment services.
Research and Developement
Discovering and developing new IT products, including improved versions or qualities of existing products
Discovering and developing new and more efficient software or solutions
AI/ML Technology
Design and implement AI driven platforms and cognitive automation systems.
Full cycle of AI development; data mining and processing, machine learning, model deployment, monitoring and application development.
Enhancing dialogue between human and machine, deep learning, predictive maintenance, content recognition systems, virtual staff and bots, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to configuring existing AI tools of Google and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

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