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Lô 17-1, Đường 2B, Khu Công Nghiệp Quốc Tế Protrade, Xã An Tây, Thị xã Bến Cát, Bình Dương
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Wood for Sustainability Since 1991
We believe wood is the way to create sustainable furniture and to bring a touch of nature and its beauty into our homes. Thus, we specialize in the design and manufacture of quality indoor & outdoor furniture items made of solid wood combined with select materials.

Furniture manufacturing is a highly competitive industry and it isn't unheard of for quality and standards to be sacrificed in the name of cost. Over the years, we have developed and cultivated relationships with vetted suppliers all over the world. Our suppliers share our commitment to sustainability, ensuring we never have to compromise our ideals. Today, we supply FSC-certified products to clients including Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Target, and Costco.

Sintai stands for sustainable environmental development, and we share our message hoping it resonates with everyone, parent or not, that cares about the future of our planet. We take pride in our customers knowing every purchase they make is one step in the right direction for Mother Earth.

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