Cai Lan Oils and Fats Industries Company (CALOFIC) is a joint venture between VOCARIMEX (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and Wilmar Group, Singapore.

Founded in 1996 with an initial investment of USD 22 million, now increasing to USD 138 million, CALOFIC is now one of the leading joint venture companies in Vietnam. CALOFIC set foundation and has been the backbone of manufacturing and processing vegetable oils in Vietnam. Currently, CALOFIC has two factories in Quang Ninh & HCMC, 2 branch offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with over 1000 employees nationwide.

Since its establishment, CALOFIC has incessantly improved product quality, applied new technologies and developed integrated distribution system, thereby affirming its position in the market. CALOFIC has become a popular trademark in Vietnam with its well-known vegetable cooking oil brands including NEPTUNE - TEN FOR QUALITY, SIMPLY - FOR A HEALTHY HEART, MEIZAN - THE REAL VALUE, and CAI LAN - EXCELLENT FOR FRYING. Besides, CALOFIC also possesses various kinds of cooking oils packed in cans of different sizes; shortening packed in carton boxes; and also margarine for food and bakery.

Sustainable development can never be achieved without building lasting corporate culture and core values. Hence, six core values LEADERSHIP - INTEGRITY - COOPERATION - INNOVATION - QUALITY - PEOPLE are introduced and embedded into the heart and soul of each CALOFIC employees.
These core values are always key motivation for our staff to overcome difficulties and challenges. Also the six core values strongly connect our people, tighten the relationship between us and our partners in particular, and the whole society at large.

In CALOFIC, human resource is the most precious asset. "Putting people in the right place" and "Rejuvenation for success" is the two guiding principle that HR team is adopting in human resource strategies. Intra-corporate knowledge transfer is always smoothened, helping staff to obtain comprehensive understanding of company's operation. Moreover, staff is also sent overseas to learn experience from Wilmar group's companies in China, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries around the world.

Notably, young talents are well nurtured and given opportunities to grow. Currently, our young and dynamic managers are confidently at the helm of the company, riding on waves of success.

In CALOFIC, we strongly believe in the value of treating our staff well and fair. We only can grow if our staff grows. Together, we achieve success.

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