D.C Technology Company was established in 2000, has become the No. 1 of supplying precious metals' Hi-Tech industrial products for various industries like jewelry and dental, electroplating for electronics and semiconductor, lab's equipments for regulartory purpose, QC and mining, ... in Indochina. We represent world-leading suppliers of machines, tools, materials and chemicals of high quality and advanced technology from EU and USA. In the last ten years, the company has grown more than ten times in its size of employees and revenue. Its network covers the whole Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Mynamar. In 2017 the company has an aggressive expanding program with aim for a breakthrough growth to catch the many opportunities and meet the equitization's target

D.C Technology is founded by Dr. Bui Thi Thuy Nga who has studied and made her PhD thesis in Germany. She has set up and lead the rep office of a world-leading group in precious metals business in Vietnam before representing them through D.C Tech. Co. So, the company culture is open-minded, friendly but result-oriented and discipline. The mission of D.C Tech. is creating a platform for young Vietnamese citizen to learn, to grow internationally by helping transfering world knowlege to Vietnam and servicing multi-international companies suceed in their investment in Vietnam
Our formulation of success is:
Tri thức thế giới + (Bàn tay + Trí tuệ và trái tim) Việt nam

Welcome to Develope Continuously with us at www.dctech.com.vn

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