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Training Officer

Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans Toàn Cầu - Hà Nội

Cạnh tranh | Nhân viên

- Identifies training needs and training gaps in the organization in a close cooperation with the HR Dept and line managers,
- Prepares training manuals and training offers for employees and managers,
- Plans training courses and sessions and manages and monitors the assigned training budget,
- Manages the portfolio of...

Giáo dục / Đào tạo / Thư viện, Nhân sự

Tiếng Anh Quận Đống Đa Đào tạo


Receivable Accountant

Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans Toàn Cầu - Hà Nội

7,000,000VNĐ - 10,000,000VNĐ | Nhân viên

- Follow up on, collect and allocate payments; control internal receivables; coordinate with debt collection business.
- Make periodical internal debt reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly as required by management).
- Classify short-term and long-term debts according to contract.
- Save documents, contracts ...

Kế toán / Kiểm toán

Tiếng Anh Kế Toán Quận Đống Đa Kế toán công nợ


Account Management (AM) Executive

Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans Toàn Cầu - Hà Nội

8,000,000VNĐ - 10,000,000VNĐ | Nhân viên

As business development tasks:
- Building up customer’s database, screening the database, generating leads by cold calling, emailing, meeting face-to-face with customers.
- Actively seeking, exploring and developing relationships with domestic and foreign customers and potential partners, through online and offline cha...

Bán hàng

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Senior Vendor Executive (Translation Freelancer Sourcing and Management)

Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans Toàn Cầu - Hà Nội

Cạnh tranh | Nhân viên

- Actively recruiting new vendors to build domain expertise for language pair needs.
- Creating and supplying translation sample tests to be evaluated for potential new vendors.
- Active management of translator vendor database.
- Relationship management with existing translator network in order to retain high quality ...

Nhân sự, Biên phiên dịch / Thông dịch viên

Biên dịch


Sales Team Leader

Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans Toàn Cầu - Hà Nội

Cạnh tranh | Quản lý / Trưởng phòng

We are looking for strong, Business Development Sales manager who will expand business to other Client Type or Geography/Countries:
1.      Client Type (Global market)
- Ver01 Software/Game/App/Website Localization; Telecommunication
- Ver02 (General Business) Sales/Marketing/Branding/Media/Communication
- Ver03 Bankin...

Bán hàng

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Thông tin công ty

Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans Toàn Cầu

Expertrans Global is widely known as one of the leading company in providing professional globalization solution services in Viet Nam at the present time. Our services include BPO services, Staffing services and Language Services, which have gained the trust of thousands of clients from all over the world.

Established in 2005, after 12 years of remarkable growth, Expertrans Global has proudly built up a strong global network with representative offices in Singapore, Thailand, America, Germany and the UK, over 130 experienced staffs and 3,000 skilled freelancers throughout the world. They all are selected and recruited strictly, and specialize in a wide range of fields, such as Finance, Law, IT, Marketing, etc.

Our success is recognized by many milestones and impressive numbers throughout over a decade. Expertrans Global has implemented over 10,000 large and small projects in all industries, as well as served more than 6,000 clients from myriad nations such as China, Singapore, Korea, France, Canada, America, etc.

At Expertrans Global, the goals of clients are considered as our own ones, and prestige is always the top criteria that we pursue through every project. Therefore, we has been the strategic partner of many enterprises, including global big brand names, with efficient and effective outsourcing services in order to assist customers totally focus on core competence and optimize business.

Besides, Expertrans Global also makes an unceasing attempt to create and maintain an ideal and environment for our staffs in every aspect, ranging from recruiting and training talents to providing the best second home and generous benefit packages for them.

With all the success attained, in the future, Expertrans Global hopes to keep satisfying every demand of clients, effectively support to entrepreneurs and become one of the leading globalization solution provider in the world.

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