We are Shine Group specializing in supply materials and technical solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics (Home and Personal Cares), Food, Animal Health and Veterinary industry in Vietnam.

We are proud of presenting for over 100 top manufacturers in 04 continents and more than 20 nations in the world. In Vietnam, we supply materials along with technology solutions to about 300 customers, who are industrial or commercial organizations of Vietnam.

With us you can:

 Work in an international environment of suppliers who come from more than 20 nations and have the top international companies with a long history of hundreds of years in business and management experience, scientific and technology knowledge.

  Expand your professional expertise, excel in your career

- Work with like-minded people toward on vision

- Impact the daily lives of millions of people around the globe

Why work with us:

- We offer a dynamic and challenging work environment

- Our high-caliber management team has a long-term focus and commitment

- The model of Asia Shine facilitates open and explicit communication amongst members, groups, and positions, amongst customers, suppliers and Asia Shine.

-  We set an objective to build a simple organization but effective in management that allows individuals and team to use their knowledge and skills effectively to work actively, independently, creatively.

- We share and transfer all of knowledge which we accumulate in the work process to all of our employees.

With our quick and stable growth, we have the demand on talented and honest members and welcome the candidates who desire to face the challenges and build your career in Asia Shine.

If you meet the following requirements: (1) young, talented and skillful; (2) have good ethical and moral, (3) have motivation and ambition to find your position in the society, enthusiastic; (4) mature;  go ahead and call, email or contact the personnel in charge of Asia Shine. We always highly evaluate and select a fair position for you.

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