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R&D AI Products ( Python/ C++) - Japanese/English - Đống Đa

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Mô tả chi tiết công việc

You will be in charge of the following operations directly under the officers.
- Leading mid- to long-term R & D theme proposals and roadmap development in consideration of market trends and customer requirements.
- Ascertain issues in AI products / projects in the short and medium term, and work to resolve them by promoting involvement across departments.
- From understanding business issues, define solution proposals to solve the issues and technical requirements for the solutions.
- Understand the company's research and development resources and optimize resource allocation.
Application requirements:
- Please submit a list of past development projects and your GitHub / Qiita / SlideShare account
* when applying.
* Not required if you do not have or have a private account.

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

* Required skills (MUST):
- Development experience in machine learning and deep learning areas (1 year or more)
- Communication and English skills to work smoothly with overseas R & D teams
- Quantitative / qualitative analysis and document creation skills
- Leadership that can be promoted across departments
- Japanese ability (business level)
- English (business level)
* Welcome skill (WANT):
- Practical experience at a consulting firm
- Experience in charge of a series of software development processes from requirement definition to development and testing
- BPR experience
- High coding skills (Phython, C ++, etc.)
- Infrastructure design / construction, operation experience (including IaaS such as AWS, Azure, GCP)
- Offshore development management experience
* People you want:
- Person who can go into unknown territory and keep making efforts to survive
- Strengthen qualitative / quantitative analysis and can proceed while grasping the whole picture of things
- High communication skills to coordinate / perform with multiple countries / departments
- People who sympathize with company's mission and who are attracted to company's business.

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