Production Controler ( Tiếng Anh )

Công ty TNHH Điện Tử Sumida Việt Nam

Mô tả chi tiết công việc

- Receiving monthly/ daily forecast order from sales/ Daily comeing up with production activity.

- Making monthly/ daily production plan and daily monitor, update, and respond sale.

- Making monthly/ daily production plan and shipping plan, ensuring capacity calculation and proposing counter measures to improve if needed.

- Following up production status, if progress shows behind schedule, proposing counter measure to cover.

- Preventing from line interruption in advance, predicting and factors may affect production line with collecting latest information from related departments, suppliers, and customers.

- Prearing report and sumarizing data including plan and result for production and shipping.

- Arrange and balance production to make sure benefit for company with shortest lead time, highest quality, lowest cost, and just in time.

- Control materials and daily monitor material using/ Make material and FG inventory report.

* Other tasks required by Manager & General Director.

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

- Graduated with Bachelor Degree of Business Administration.

- Much experience in PC (2 years minimum)

- Hard-working, enthusiasm, high responsibility.

- Advanced in MS office application.

* Priority having Toyota production system skill.

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  • Tên liên hệ: Công Ty TNHH Điện Tử Sumida Việt Nam.
  • Địa chỉ: Khu nhà máy tiêu chuẩn B1, B2 Khu Công Nghiệp Nomura , Huyện An Dương , Hải Phòng, Việt Nam
** Nhận hồ sơ ứng viên bằng ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
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Công ty TNHH Điện Tử Sumida Việt Nam
  • Số nhân viên: 1,000-4,999
  • Tên liên hệ: Công Ty TNHH Điện Tử Sumida Việt Nam.

Sumida Electronic Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a new company established in Nomura Haiphong Industrial Zone. SUMIDA is one of the top electronic components manufacturer and Japan oriented global company with over 60 year history and provides the best products for various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, environmental technology

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