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  • Phòng 302, Tòa Nhà NK, 270-272 Cộng Hòa, P.13, Quận Tân Bình , Hồ Chí Minh , Việt Nam
  • Lương: 20,000,000 VNĐ
HR - Admin Manager

CareerLink’s Client

Mô tả chi tiết công việc

- Coordinate with other departments in the company to plan human resources: tracking and audit information of manpower of the company, making templet job description for each position of employees, planning and arranging the recruitment.
- Consultation, monitoring the recruitment process.
- Planning the appropriate policies to attract talent to the company
- Organize recruitment for all deparments to ensure qualified staff, right person, right job, meet the job requirements and fix company’s culture
- Based on the policy and the plan of company to set out, for example, the company opened a new business project, HR Manager will calculate how many personnel does the branch need , How many personnel do all branches need? Arrange staff at work and on the appropriate place for them. Division titles and salaries of employees. Submitting a planning workshop for BOD approve before put into practice.
- Set up salary regulations, bonus under KPI, the remuneration policies, benefits, attract and retain talents, stimulate and motivate employees engrossed in work and monitoring
- As a bridge between employees and employers. Suggest disciplinary rules and overseeing the implementation of such provisions. Suggest measures to discipline as well as other forms of reward and motivate employees.
- Advise and recommend to the Board of Directors promptly amend and supplement the text of the Company to conform with the civil law, business law, labor law, insurance law and the by laws.
- Build regulations and planning regarding the use of assets and equipment of the company.
- Develop a plan and organize and supervise the implementation of public order, labor safety and fire prevention.

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

- University degree or above in Human Resources, Labour Economics, Economic Law.
- At least 05 years of working experience in HR and GA
- Good command in English.
- Master the legal system such as Labour Law, PIT, Social Insurance….
- Ability to handle situations and resolve conflicts.
- Having good communication skills; capable good presentation.
- Good health, energetic, enthusiastic and work well under pressure high.

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    - Please send your application by online, email  or direct to Ms. Ngoc Hien

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