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Global Poongin Vina Co., Ltd

Mô tả chi tiết công việc

- Check all kinds of samples as per Sales FPP Package
- FPP meeting before production
- Check garments on the line
- Do Inline Inspection and Report
- Do Official Inspection before shipment
- Technical handling in the production process
- Monthly salary and Bonus range (VND): will be agreement
- Competitive Salary
- Insurance and Other benefits in accordance Vietnamese labor code
- Annual health care service
* Other information :
- Working days : from Monday to Saturday
- Working place : B1/14, Tay Bac Cu Chi IP, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

- Over 5 years garments QC
- Reading & writing English e-mail with buyer about quality report.
* Preference
- Experience of 3rd party inspector
- Have certified inspection from buyer

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    - Interested candidates please submit your application via online or direct: 5, 364 Cong Hoa street, Ward 13, Cu Chi, HCMC

  • Tên liên hệ: Global Poongin Vina Co., Ltd
  • Địa chỉ: B1/14, Tay Bac Cu Chi IP , Huyện Củ Chi , Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
** Nhận hồ sơ ứng viên bằng ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
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Global Poongin Vina Co., Ltd
  • Số nhân viên: 100-499
  • Tên liên hệ: Global Poongin Vina Co., Ltd

"Poong In Trading Co., Ltd is one of the world class apparel leaders. We’re specialized as an OEM & ODM exporter established in 1989 under the vision of becoming the world best exporter in women’s apparel industry.

Our mission is to help women around the world harmonize their intrinsic beauty and their appearance through top- quality clothing. We offer a professional and global working environment. We currently look for responsible and enthusiastic candidates to join our team with new challenges, passion and creative thinking.

The representative office of Poong In Trading Co.,Ltd in Ho Chi Minh city was established since 2014.

For more information, please visit

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