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  • Phòng 302, Tòa Nhà NK, 270-272 Cộng Hòa, P.13 , Quận Tân Bình , Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
  • Lương: 1,200 USD - 1,500 USD
Chief Accountant (VSIP1- Bình Dương)

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Mô tả chi tiết công việc

1. Develop objectives and the business plan of (AC) Department.

- Develop and set objectives to achieve the strategic objectives.

- Create the business plan and the budget plan of Department.

- Create and continuously improve design including: structure, reporting line, processes, policies and other managerial tools to achieve managerial effectiveness.

- Communicate thoroughly the objectives, strategies and plans of Organization and Department to employees.

- Allocate resources (including: human resources, budget…) and oversee implementation of business plans to achieve objectives.

- Evaluate performance of Department and find out improvements.

- Conduct FA reports.

2. Manage and develop human resources for Accounting Department.

- Define employee resourcing requirements (manpower, competencies…) and create plans for recruitment, training and succession of AC Department.

- Recruit, train and counsel employees for AC Department.

- Manage employee performance of AC Department, including: define employee performance objectives; review, appraise, and manage employee performance; evaluate and review performance results.

3. Finance & Accounting - External activities

- Prepare and/ or review monthly/ quarterly/ yearly tax reports and other required reports from authorities (tax inspection & auditing).

- Be in charge of annual tax finalization reports.

- Liaise with external auditor for annual audit arrangements.

- Deal with tax department on all tax matters, other external parties.

- Deal with banks on loans, foreign exchange transactions and others.

4. Finance & Accounting - Internal activities

- Manage and organize the accounting department with proper payments and receipts processes.

- Design, maintain and develop the company’s accounting procedures & processes.

- Tax planning, propose and consult tax potential for General Manager of department.

- Prepare/review monthly/ quarterly/ yearly financial statement and specific reports for General manager of department or when is required.

- Prepare Annual Budget and update Budget status monthly/ quarterly/ yearly for General manager of department or when is required.

- Advise General manager of department on all decisions about spending, investment, financial, accounting, tax, audit and legal matters.

- Be responsible to keep & store all accounting documents and records, and other important original documents.

- Other in functions may be assigned by the Chief Representative.

- Advising on the financial aspects for General Manager of department and other functional executives in management decisions and business to contribute to the successful implementation of strategic goals and financial objectives of the company.

- Leading in building up and continuously improving internal control system; make recommendations to enhance protection of company assets.

5. Held accountable to General Manager of Business Control Division.

- Master finance and accounting planning and results.

- Issues during actual F&A.

- Other matters upon request.

*** Work location: VSIP1, Thuan An, Binh Duong.

*** Working time: 7:30 -> 16:30, Mon -Fri, Sat Off in alert.

*** Bus provided from Hang Xanh to VSIP1.

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

- University Graduation, major in accounting/auditing/financial.

- Over 3 years as Chief Accountant in foreign owned company ( Preferred Japanese Company).

- Chief Accountant certificate required.

- Able to communicate in english verbally and good at communication.

- Management skills, can work under high pressure.

- Ability to use ERP or Lemon3 software.

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