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Business Development Manager – Japanese Market


Mô tả chi tiết công việc

DIGI-TEXX has been working with Japanese clients since any years. In July 2019, we decide to put our official footprint in Japan with DIGI-TEXX Japan Branch. For that reason, we are looking for two key positions to join our Japan Force:

1. Business Development Manager (based in Vietnam)

The Business Development Manager will be joining our Board of Management, under direct support of the CEO. For a long run, the Business Development Manager is expected to be in Director Position who will be responsible for full performance and direction of DIGI-TEXX Japan.

The Business Development Manager is granted fully authority to build-up Japanese Division in DIGI-TEXX with the below responsibilities:

- Consulting the Board of Directors for long and short-term strategies to entering Japan market
- Building up the Japan Business in term of developing people and managing customer relationship
- Working closely with the Representative/Sales/Consultant team in Japan in analyzing, designing and consulting solutions to the new clients’ inquiries; expanding business with existing clients
- Monitoring the implementation of the new project by coordinating external and internals’ different departments (namely Software Development, Operation, Quality Control, IT, Human Resources) for a successful project go-live

2. DIGI-TEXX Representative Officer in Japan (based in Japan)

YOU officially and legally represents DIGI-TEXX in Japan market. Together with the Business Development Manager (who based in Vietnam), the two will be jointly responsible for the performance of DIGI-TEXX Japan, with the below responsibilities:

- Being the primary contact of DIGI-TEXX’s new and existing clients in Japan, responsible for all customer care activities in Japan
- Expressing DIGI-TEXX presence in related trade community/networking, looking for new potential clients
- Presenting and consulting DIGI-TEXX solutions to new clients in Japan, with the support from Vietnam side
- Reviewing the market status, positioning DIGI-TEXX in Japan market, consulting the Business Development Manager in short and long-term strategies
- Demanding any support from Vietnam for a client success

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

- Japanese (advanced level, four skills)
- Excellent in customer service
- Good leadership skills
- Good coordination skills
- Independent working style

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At DIGI-TEXX we believe in a connected world where highly specialized organizations grant their services to those who have other core business strengths. As BPO company with over 1300 people we manage part of the workflow with the highest level of integrity. Our team at DIGI-TEXX is passionate about offering business and technology solutions which we tailor to the specific needs of our customers. Our global partner network trusts us since 2003. We guarantee quality, data security and thanks to our location in Vietnam, competitiveness.

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