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Assistant Administration and Finance Manager (HN - Khanh Hoa)

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Mô tả chi tiết công việc

1. Accounting and tax
‐ Tax declaration of PIT and FCT(VAT,CIT) by communicating with consultant.
‐ Bookkeeping in accordance with VAS (Vietnamese Accounting System)
‐ Manage and make Payment to subcontractor.
‐ Forecast the cash flow of project office (expenditure and income from customer)
‐ Preparing the finance to head office.
‐ Manage expense claim and allowance claim.
2. Human resource management and Personnel administration of site personnel.
‐ Establish employment regulation of the project office.
‐ Recruit and train local personnel .
‐ Arrange or support expatriates to obtain work permit and / or visa;
‐ Manage annual leave / home leave / medical leave.
3. Site office management (after moving to Nha Trang)
‐ Set up office furniture and office Electronic equipment (e.g. Internet, copy machine, etc.)
‐ Reserve / arrange accommodation and transportation for the site personnel including those from overseas.
‐ Manage company vehicles, drivers, toll and petrol cards.
- Working Time : 8:00~17:00, Mon - Fri.
- Address: April/2020 - the end of 2020: Ha Noi
                  2021 - 2023: Khanh Hoa

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

- Male/female, university graduated or hihger.
- General knowledge of VAS and taxation in Vietnam
- English: Intermediately, certification of Chief Accountant (if any)
- Minimum three years of experience of administrative, tax and accounting work.
- Ability to manage complexity and resolve conflicts that arise from balancing multiple priorities.
- Ability to manage the administration group and train the staff as an assistant manager.
- Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

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