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Mô tả chi tiết công việc

- Reporting to: Packaging Team Leader
- Based: Brewery
- Ensure safety agenda in the daily job. Maintain the machines and improve technically machines/lines’ performance and improve all other key performance indicators. Decrease production losses, leading to a safe working environment.
1. Safety, Food safety & Sustainability:
- Maintains the equipment and works in line with the defined and implemented safety and food safety standards: timely maintain machines. All problems related to safety timely recorded and processed.
- Following the 5S, and Housekeeping related to the work place.
2. Quality of the process and product
- Takes care of the process measurement equipment.
- Supports regular calibrations and periodical checks
3. TPM & Continuous Improvement
- Takes initiatives and is actively involved in optimizing workplace performance via AM/5S teams and activities.
- Proposes improvement actions based on standard analyses and sensing (hearing/looking/feeling/smelling) of his/her area of the line.
- All relevant standards followed, losses recognized and improvement actions executed.
- Coordinate with operators and engineering to carry out breakdown analysis RCFA and follow up
4. Process Management
- Ensures the Packaging process (machines) operates in an efficient and effective manner according to the production plan and specification in standard and nonstandard conditions.
- Applies standards for change overs
- Monitor asset performance ( OPI )
5. Equipment management
- Executes dedicated preventive maintenance (PM) activities OTIF.
- Acts efficiently in case of breakdowns. Executes repairs not able to be done by operators, informs duty PTL if > 15 minute stop
- Conducts Tagging if required or appropriate.
- Hands over equipment after repairs to operator; places tag for follow up work order
- Supports AM by demonstrating (CILT) standards
- Captures and interprets performance data and executes corrective actions if needed.
- Propose and execute new improvements
6. Organization, Interfaces & People Management
- Reports to the packaging team leader.
- To be on shift rotation to support production
- To work with maintenance planning team on work-orders and spare parts
- Communicates and cooperates with operations before, during and after repairs
- Guide / coach the production operators in their maintenance skills
7. Others
- To undertake any other jobs assigned as and when the need arises

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết

- College or Bachelor degree in Engineering
- Operational functions of machineries/inspection equipment/tools as available in the relevant workshops
- Mechanical and/or Electrical Engineering know how and skills
- Basic computer knowledge
- General awareness about TPM, ISO 9000 procedures and FSSC guidelines
- Basic English

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